March 2020-Meeting Minutes

Minutes for 3-5-2020

Dimmit’s Grove Neighborhood Association

● Meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM at the home of Jerica Etheridge (407 S. Evans

St) by President Brad Williams

● 10 association members total present for the duration of the meeting. The sign in sheet

was lost so member attendence is not listed. Introductions were skipped as all members

present are familiar.

● The minutes from January meeting were not kept as the Secretary was unable to attend

the meeting

● The treasurer reported a balance of $3036.47 in the checking account.

● Old Business

○ Walking Tour Pamphlets – no news or developments reported at this time, Pam

Eaton reports we are waiting on content to update the map – Brad said he would

talk to LJ about the timeline

○ Spring/Summer Social – Melanie and Steph have volunteered to host the

Summer Social on Friday June 19th, details to follow

○ DGNA Historic Sign Project – Leigh Troyer will be joining to Committee

● New Business

○ R3B Zoning – Karen, Diana, Greg Kous, Brad, and John went to the meeting on

R3B zoning. A lively discussion of the Zoning Consultant ensued. DGNA plan

calls for a return to R2 zoning in the East Grove St. area, which matches it’s use,

however the city remains resistent.

○ DGNA Domain – A former resident, Paul Phillips, has been maintaining our web

domain, Sarah Hanzel has volunteered to help coordinate this in the future

○ DGNA Bake Sale – Application has been accepted, 6/13 is the preferred date,

althought the date is not yet set

○ DGNA Flea Market – Flea market has been the 1st Sat in June in the past,

participation is down, 6 homes participated last year

● Other Business

○ Sarah Hanzel moved to adopt the DGNA logo on future Chili aprons – the motion

passed unanimously

● Committee reports

○ Block Captains/Safety – There was a stabbing on the corner of Jackson and

McLean on February 17th with no suspects. Pam Eaton reported on the

bedbugs problem at the green stucco duplex on the corner of Evans and Olive.

● May 7, 2020 will be the next DGNA Meeting at the home of Karen Schmidt (409 E.

Grove St.).

● Meeting was called adjourned at 8:35 PM by President Brad Williams

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