About Dimmitt’s Grove
Come and enjoy the history and architecture of Dimmitt’s Grove and immerse yourself in the beauty of our neighborhood’s preserved and restored homes. Wander through this nostalgic section of Bloomington, Illinois and imagine the sights and sounds of the late 1800s.SCHMIDT4

The community’s movers and shakers lived in this area, enjoying the close proximity to the city’s business district. Back then you might have exchanged greetings with Carl Vrooman, a key figure in the development of the Victory Garden movement during World War I, and his wife Julia Scott Vrooman. Julia’s mother was President-General of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. You might have seen Abraham Lincoln crossing the street to visit one of his fellow attorneys who lived in the area: John Hamilton, the nineteenth governor of Illinois; Marie Litta, a world famous soprano; John Routt, Colorado’s first governor; Harold Sinclair, author of The Horse Soldiers (later made into a movie starring John Wayne); and attorney Reuben Benjamin, whose work impacted both government and business on a national level.
TIMSALLFIf you walk around the streets of Dimmitt’s Grove today, you notice that the residents are actively involved in preserving our heritage and promoting the many benefits of our unique neighborhood. We established the Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association in 1987 to keep residents in the 26 city-block-area informed through newsletters, events and meetings. Whether you are visiting, looking for a place to call home, or have recently moved here, we hope that you enjoy everything Dimmitt’s Grove has to offer.


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