July 2020-Meeting Minutes

July 2, 2020

The July DGNA Meeting was held at The Garden of Eaton at 512 E. Taylor, home of Herb and Pam Eaton. We were safely socially distanced, and the weather was lovely for the 12 neighbors who attended.

We did not have an updated treasury report at the time.

Walking tour pamphlets are still in the works as LJ has much of the information at her office on campus, which is not accessible due to the current pandemic.

Brad updated us on the status of R3B zoning. Lavine and Associates are writing new zoning and we’ve received push back trying to get our area zoned to R2, as our neighborhood plan recommends. R3B would allow for high density (6 story) buildings. Brad will reach out to contacts to get additional assistance. Katie Simpson has still been in contact with Brad and will alert if anything further comes up regarding plan/zoning.

The historic sign project Round 2 was discussed. There will be 14 new signs this round, all of which have their histories. We are currently working on the sign specifics, creating the website pages/QR codes, and finalizing for the signs to be created. The sign committee is shooting for September/October for install.

It was discussed that the Domain handling (which was first discussed in March) is still going to be handled by Sarah Hanzel…and she needs to quit dropping the ball and follow up on this. (***This is being typed by Sarah)

The neighbors discussed the bake sale results, and gave a huge thank you to Theresa Necessary for organizing this years sale doing a FANTASTIC job! The neighborhood made $434.50 at the event.

The summer DGNA Social was cancelled this year due to the Pandemic and currently we feel the Fall Social and Chili Cook-Off will likely be cancelled too.

New welcoming packages were discussed and Pam Eaton is going to take the lead with getting this together and will also be asking several local businesses for marketing materials/coupons/etc to include in these handouts.

Block Captain reports did not have anything major to report.


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