702 E. Grove

History for 702 E. Grove St.

Augustus Elbe House

  1. 1882

Architect unknown


The Augustus Elbe House is a large 2-story frame structure designed in the Queen Anne Style.  It was nominated for National Register prominence in 1986.  It has a three-bay primary façade.  The structure is dominated by a large rounded tower with a conical roof.  Notable features:  front doors, porch columns, eave and facia detailing and gable barge boards and panels.

The exterior of the house was restored from aluminum siding to its original façade in 1991.   Most of the exterior of the house is original, including the windows, speaking to the awesome quality of the materials from 1882.

Augustus Elbe was a German born jeweler who was doing well enough in the 1880’s to build a house costing $4,500.00.