Meeting Minutes July 2019

Minutes for 7-11-2019

Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association

Meeting was called to order at 7:09 PM at Marie Litta Park by President Brad Williams
12 association members total present for the duration of the meeting along with a guest from the City of Bloomington and introductions were made prior to any neighborhood business: Brad Williams of 613 E. Grove, Pam and Herb Eaton of 512 E. Taylor, Ken Kashian of 510 E. Grove, Jamie Mathy of 611 E. Washington, Brandon, August, and Sarah Gray of 507 E. Taylor, Karen Schmidt of 409 E. Grove, Diana Krieg of 402 E. Grove, Don Johnson of 708 E. Taylor, Mary Alice Wills of 503 S. Evans, and Billy Tyus from the City of Bloomington.
The minutes from the March meeting were approved.
The treasurer did not issue a report and was not present.
Deputy City Manager Billy Tyus was introduced prior to old business.  He complimented our Neighborhood Plan and the DGNA for taking ownership of our neighborhood.
Neighborhood Plan Update – Billy expressed a desire to get our Neighborhood Plan on the City Council’s agenda and assured members that the delay has been due to administrative changes and not with any problems with the Plan.  As an update, the Plan should be on the Council’s agenda within 30 days and he asked if DGNA members are still comfortable with the Plan as it is or if we would want any changes.  He expressed the City Manager’s Office’s desire to work with us on our goals.  Part of the delay has been deciding whether to vote on adoption of the Plan versus acknowlegment of the Plan, but it is not due to the ongoing R3B discussions as some members had suggested.  With regard to those discussions, the City of launching a study on the impact of R3B zoning with Bloomington being split into 2 divisions: Preservation of historic homes with character (primarily east of the downtown) and Regeneration where they have fallen into disrepair (primarily west of the downtown).  There will be 2 meetings on July 23rd, the first of several forms of outreach by the City looking into zoning density.
Other items discussed included the State of Illinois grant of $30,000 towards the Bloomington Historic Preservation Plan which has not been updated since 2004 and concerns over lack of code enforcement.  Currently the City is working on outreach to inform the public of actions by the City to address code violations including a map which documents these actions.
Herb Eaton also asked about a public sculpture project and Billy updated us that the City Manager’s Office is looking into how a process can be formed to allow for public art.  Jamie Mathy is involved in creating this process in his role on the Cultural Commission.
The concerns over wrong way traffic on Evans Street was also reviewed and Billy said he would look into our application for painted arrows.
Addtional old business consisted of discussion on our historic signs project,  the walking tour pamphlets, and the bake sale.
Historic Signs – No news on the sign project.  The committee is working on outreach and hopes to have something in the newsletter coming up.
Walking Tour Pamphlets – No news on the Walking Tour Pamphlets
Bake Sale – The Bake Sale was a success and was a nice day overall, Grove St. Bakery provided a nice donation.
New business consisted of discussion on the Problmes at 509 E. Olive, the WBRP Signs, and the Summer/Fall Traveling Social.
509 E. Olive – Residents have been burning trash and brush all the time, dogs are chained in the yard, 511 E. Olive also has yard filling with debris and standing water.  Billy took notes and said he would look into it and members were reminded about the MyBloomington App to report such violations.
WBRP Signs – WBRP is out of signs but can get more if there is continued interest.  Herb Eaton offered a motion to approve $250 to WBRP to continue the partnership in selling the signs, second by Pam Eaton, and it passed unanimously.
Summer/Fall Traveling Social – discussion was tabled until the next meeting
Committees reporting included the Block Captains and Safety
Block Captains – No formal report was issued, but all members were happy to welcome back Donnie who has been unable to attend meetings while taking classes.
Safety – No continued problem with the stalker reported last month, no formal report
Next meeting will be September 5, 2019 at 402 E. Grove, the home of Diana Krieg
Meeting was called adjourned at 8:21 PM by President Brad Williams

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