Facebook and Twitter

3/26/10: Facebook and Twitter

Just a reminder, you can follow us on Twitter, and/or become our “fan” if you’re on Facebook. Why follow/fan?

Our Twitter feed selectively includes news items from local bloggers and news sites, and reposted items from local businesses, such as daily specials. Not on Twitter? Not sure that you want to be? Check out these stories for more information: Top Ten Uses of Twitter (PC Mag) andTwitter 101 for Business. Our feed is public, so you can go to http://www.twitter.com/dimmitts from any browser to view updated posts (called “tweets”), without having to register for anything.

Our Facebook fan page includes links and news about upcoming and recent events in and around the neighborhood, and can also be used to share photos of gardens or events or other neighborhood-related things (you may want to check with any human subjects of your photos before posting).


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