Dimmitt’s Grove History Project Update

The Dimmitt's Grove History Project is a graduate-led local history survey of our neighborhood led by resident Noah Tang. The goal of the project is to chronicle the storied history of Dimmitt's Grove, mostly through detailing the ownership and occupancy of all buildings throughout the past 150+ years. If you are interested in volunteering for … Continue reading Dimmitt’s Grove History Project Update

Vrooman Mansion Dinner on the Titanic, April 8-9 2011

3/28/11: Vrooman Mansion Dinner on the Titanic, April 8-9 The Vrooman Mansion is serving a 9-course Titanic 1st Class meal, catered by Lancaster's, including wine! Contact theVrooman for more information, (309) 828-8816 by Wednesday, March 30. Tickets are $80 per person for this 9-course meal with wine: 1st course - for the hors d' oeuvres … Continue reading Vrooman Mansion Dinner on the Titanic, April 8-9 2011

Note from Karen Schmidt re: Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance Vote

3/9/11: Note from Karen Schmidt re: Neighborhood Preservation ordinance vote Hi All, The Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance (aka the "vacant house" ordinance) is up for a vote on the upcoming City Council meeting, March 14. Many of you have worked hard to see this ordinance developed, and I want to alert you to this vote. As … Continue reading Note from Karen Schmidt re: Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance Vote

Community Development Block Grant Information

2/7/11: Community Development Block Grant information: Information about 2011-2012 Community Development Block Grants is available here (pdf). The proposed action plan of objectives for the program year 37 will be available at the Bloomington Public Library, in the Office of the Community Development Division, 115 E. Washington Street, 2nd Floor in the Government Center and … Continue reading Community Development Block Grant Information

Fireworks Reminder

7/3/10: Fireworks Reminder Friendly reminder re: fireworks: Two laws control the use, sale, distribution, and possession of fireworks in Illinois: the Fireworks Use Act and the Fireworks Regulation Act. Fireworks in Illinois are defined as any explosive composition, or any substance or combination of substance including blank cartridges, toy cannons, firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, Roman candles, … Continue reading Fireworks Reminder

Newsletter Schedule

4/27/10: Newsletter Schedule The deadline for submitting announcements for the April newsletter is tomorrow! Beginning with the June newsletter, we'll observe the schedule posted here. Newsletters will be posted on the first of the month, February, April, June, August, October, and December. Deadline for submitting announcements & other content on the 20th of the month … Continue reading Newsletter Schedule


4/22/10: Newsletters are Up! Newsletters are caught up on our newsletter page, here. Newsletter issues are available in pdf format for download and printing. We're actively seeking items for the April newsletter -- deadline for submissions is 4/28/10. Have recipes, gardening tips, or other summer news? We'd love to include them in the newsletter!