November, 2011

11/3/11: DGNA Meeting Minutes

  • Treasurer reported 2953.10 in our bank account.
  • The Day in Historic Dimmitt’s Grove committee met on 10/18 and will meet again in February or March to review status of various committee members assigned tasks and continue planning
  • At this time 705 E Front may be sold to an owner interested in rehabbing or will possibly be torn down.
  • We are looking for volunteers to host the Winter Traveling Social in January of February. Date to be chosen by the first host volunteer.
  • We will be placing out luminaries once again this year on December 17th. Further communication to come from Jerica Etheridge.
  • There have been a couple reports of Paintballs and eggs damaging houses in and around Dimmitt’s Grove.
  • The next meeting will take place on Thursday, January 5th at 7 pm at 407 S. Evans.

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