March 2023 – Meeting Minutes

President Brad Williams called the meeting to order at 6:05pm at Green Top grocery.    

Attendance:  7 DGNA members and 3 guests were present for the meeting; Brad Williams, Mel Hunter, Karen Schmidt, Bee Buckley, Theresa Necessary, Jerica Etheridge, Hollis Black, De Urban, Nicole, and Sarah.  Introductions were made. 

The meeting minutes from January had not been posted prior to the meeting but were read aloud and then approved by those in attendance.

Melanie Hunter reported that the treasurer balance = $2,222.86  

Old Business:

No socials are planned in the near future but we are hoping warmer weather will bring more outdoor events.  

An e-mail will be sent out soon to gauge interest level among neighbors that want a sign in their yard. 

No issues with vacant properties at this time.    

New Business:

Kelley Staub will be chairing the DGNA Flea Market this year.  It will be held on June 3rd.  More information will be available at the May meeting.  

We hope to get the new DGNA newsletter printed and delivered by May.

The application for the DGNA Bake Sale is in.  The date will be finalized in April.  We would like to see more volunteers this year.  

Vendors Day at Green Top will be April 22nd.  

Mel Hunter will be moving soon and Hollis Black will be stepping up to fill the DGNA Treasurer position.  Thank you, Mel for all your hard work over the years!  And welcome Hollis!    

No major causes for concern on the monthly crime reports for January or February but there have been several cars broken into on the 400 block of East Grove Street area recently.  Be sure to keep your vehicles locked and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.  Coyotes and foxes have also been seen in the neighborhood so stay vigilant when letting small animals out.     

No new reports from block captains.   

Next meeting will be May 4, 2023 @6pm @Green Top grocery 

Meeting was adjourned at 6:56pm by President Brad Williams