January Meeting Minutes

President Brad Williams called the meeting to order at 6:08pm at Green Top grocery.
Attendance: 10 DGNA members and 3 guests were present for the meeting; Brad Williams, Noah Tang, Patrick, Jim Ulavege, Hollis Black, Karen Schmidt, Sarah Hanzel, Jerica Etheridge, Theresa Necessary, Todd Harmon, Cody Hendricks, Eric Hansen, and Pam Eaton. Introductions were made.

The meeting minutes from November had not been posted prior to the meeting but were approved by those who had read them in an e-mail.
Melanie Hunter was not present at the meeting but reported that the treasurer balance = $2,222.86 through text message.

Old Business:
The Social Committee reported there were no socials planned in the near future but Pam Eaton invited everyone to the next upcoming First Friday “Mittens and Moonlight” event downtown.
The Sign Committee will be sending out an e-mail to gauge interest level among neighbors that want a sign in their yard and exploring options for organizing the next batch when it gets warmer.
Scott Farlee recently passed away and his house will be on the market at 503 East Grove. 407 East Olive is rented and there are no other known issues with vacant properties at this time.

New Business:
Sarah Hanzel plans on putting the DGNA newsletter together soon.
Beck’s Family Florist will be closing. We wish Gaye Beck a very enjoyable retirement. She has supported the DGNA tremendously throughout the years.
No major causes for concern on the monthly crime reports except for the gunshot reported on December 29th.
No new reports from block captains.
Next meeting will be March 2, 2023 @6pm @Green Top grocery
Meeting was adjourned at 6:33pm by President Brad Williams

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