July 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Minutes for July 7, 2022 Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association Meeting 

President Brad Williams called the meeting to order at 6:00pm at Herb and Pam’s residence.  The meeting was moved inside from Marie Litta Park due to weather.  Thank you to Herb and Pam Eaton for hosting.  

Attendance:  12 DGNA members were present for the meeting; Brad Williams, Jonathan Stein, Karen Schmidt, Sarah Hanzel, Pam & Herb Eaton, Jim Ulavege, Sarah and Brandon Gray, Noah Tang, Theresa Necessary, and Todd Harmon.  Introductions were made. 

Guest speaker Officer Chad Hitchens was present to talk about recent incidents within the neighborhood limits.  He is part of a Neighborhood Focus Team and handles general non-criminal offenses.        

The meeting minutes from May were approved.

No treasurer report

Old Business:

Theresa Necessary reported that the DGNA Bake Sale was successful even after being cut short at 9:30am with heavy rain and wind.  But in those two hours $501.00 was raised!  THANK YOU to all who participated!  It was proposed to host another “Bake Sale 2.0” later this summer (maybe August) as the Farmers Market schedule allows.   

Thank you to Terri Clemens for heading up the DGNA flea market this year…and for many years!  The opportunity to help out with that next year is open if anyone is interested.  

The utilities have been disconnected and the yard has been cleaned up at the vacant property at 503 East Taylor.  

New Business:

The DGNA Chili Cook-off is planned for October and will be hosted by Gregg and Sarah Hanzel.  They will determine the date soon.   

The Social Committee reported that the next DGNA social will be hosted by Jonathan Stein in early August.  

It was suggested we may want to do another event at Meltdown for new swag in the future.  Nobody can have too many DGNA t-shirts to wear.        

There have been no major causes for concern on the monthly crime reports.  Recent minor events have been resolved for the time being.  We were reminded to make sure we have the address of where the issues originated when calling the hotline to help with the ongoing investigations.   

Noah Tang showed off some amazing maps of Dimmitt’s Grove from 1901, 1907, and 1953.  He is working on a project for his masters and if you are interested in helping him with either your house history or a different area, please contact him.   

Next meeting will be September 1, 2022 @6pm @TBD

Meeting was adjourned by President Brad Williams  

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