May 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Minutes for May 5, 2022 Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association Meeting 

President Brad Williams called the meeting to order at 6:16pm at the Eaton gallery.  Thank you to Herb and Pam Eaton for hosting.  

Attendance:  14 DGNA members present for the meeting; Brad Williams, Ann Baltz, CJ Ledinsky, Susan Rush, Jonathan Stein, Karen Schmidt, Sarah Hanzel, Pam & Herb Eaton, Jim Ulavege, Jamie Mathy, Theresa Necessary, Todd Harmon, and Brandon Gray

Guest Monica Bullington (lives in “So Dimm” and owns two properties in Dimmitt’s Grove) was present to talk about her husband Tristan Bullington, who Jamie Mathy recommends as his replacement on City Council.  Jamie Mathy was thanked for his tenure on city council and continued help with our neighborhood needs.   

The meeting minutes from March were approved.

No treasurer report

Thank you to Lori and Bob Paton for the nice social held at GreenTop in April.  There was a good turn-out.  The Social Committee reported that the next DGNA social will be June 2nd.  

Thank you to Sarah Hanzel for her work on the hard copy of the newsletter and to those who delivered it in a timely manner.  

Brad Williams met with inspectors on Grove Street where the city is working on issues with owners.  A demolition order permit has been called but it is not for the vacant property at 503 East Taylor.  Jamie Mathy advised that we keep pushing on the city about problems.    

There are some zoning change requests on the 700 block of East Washington Street.  One property wants to be re-zoned for family units.  The owner was having difficulty attracting commercial tenants during this time.  There is another house on Washington street that is not zoned for commercial but has a nail salon business sign displayed.          

The new credit union building on Mill to Oakland block should mesh with surrounding neighborhood. 

The DGNA garage/yard sales are scheduled for June 4th from 9am to 3pm.  Contact Terri Clemens if you are planning on having a sale.      

Theresa Necessary reminded the group that the DGNA Bake Sale will be at the Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market on Saturday June 25th.  Bakers are still welcome.  Sarah Hanzel has the swag.      

The DGNA Chili Cook-off is planned for October and will be hosted by Gregg and Sarah Hanzel.  

There have been a few more incidents on the crime reports.  The most concerning is the shooting on Mill Street in April.

Next meeting will be July 7, 2022 @6pm @ Marie Litta Park

Meeting was adjourned by President Brad Williams 

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