March 2022 – Meeting Minutes

President Brad Williams called the meeting to order at 6:00pm at the Eaton gallery.  Thank you to Herb and Pam Eaton for hosting.  

Attendance:  11 DGNA members present for the meeting; Brad Williams, Ann Baltz, Jerica Etheridge, Melanie Hunter, Karen Schmidt, Sarah Hanzel, Pam & Herb Eaton, Theresa Necessary, Todd Harmon, and Jamie Mathy

Todd Keil was unable to attend and present the green space ideas for the Bloomington Municipal Credit Union. 

Brad showed off our Historical Preservation Commission Excellence Award we won in 2020.  Suggestions about how we should display the plaque in the garden area of Marie Litta park were discussed. 

The minutes from last meeting were approved. 

Treasurer report:  $1,476.79 is current account balance from Melanie Hunter

Theresa Necessary announced that the Bake Sale will be at the Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market on Saturday June 25th.  It will NOT rain the night before.  😊  

The Social Committee announced the first spring DGNA social will be April 7th.  They hope to get hosts for smaller monthly get togethers in the evening hours of the first Thursday of every month to mingle.  Some may include a food truck or be held on the Vrooman Mansion lawn/porch.  The DGNA Chili Cook-off is planned for October and will be hosted by Gregg and Sarah Hanzel.  Stay tuned for e-mail notifications.    

Sarah Hanzel will be working on the hard copy of the newsletter.  We hope to have it passed out by April with the dates for the upcoming socials, flea market, and bake sale.   

Jamie Mathy had no updates on the vacant houses in Dimmitts Grove at this time.  He gave a summary of recent budget talks including:  funds for sewers, roads, O’Neil pool, the detention basin/green space at current Convenience Center, and the Affordable Housing Initiative (includes a vacant building tax and fine for apartment clean-outs). 

A formal DGNA election of officers was held.

Brad Williams = President

Jerica Etheridge = Vice President

Melanie Hunter = Treasurer

Theresa Necessary = Secretary   

No major safety issues to report.  Sinkholes on Taylor are becoming dangerous.                

Next meeting:  May 5, 2022 @6pm                        Location:  Jerica’s house

Meeting was adjourned by President Brad Williams 

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