January 2022 – Meeting Minutes

President Brad Williams called the meeting to order at 6:04pm on Zoom due to the county’s recent increase in COVID-19 cases.  Thank you to Karen Schmidt for hosting and sending out the link; allowing neighbors to stay cozy and warm in their homes.         

Attendance:  10 DGNA members present for the meeting; Brad Williams, Diana Krieg, Jamie Mathy, Jerica Etheridge, Jonathan Stein, Karen Schmidt, Pam & Herb Eaton, Theresa Necessary, and Todd Harmon

Sherry Graehling was our guest from the Historical Preservation Commission.  She presented the plaque for the Historical Preservation Commission Excellence Award we won in 2020.  Jamie Mathy suggested that we move the 9×9 plaque around for short videos or pictures with several DGNA neighbors before we permanently place it in the garden area at the park.  Sherry mentioned that they are looking for more volunteers to sit on the Historical Preservation Commission.  If anyone is also a “preservationist at heart” and interested please sent her a note at jqsonline@aol.com. 

The minutes from last meeting were not posted before this meeting for approval.  Communication committee is still working on resolving some website issues.  

Treasurer report:  $1,476.79 is current account balance from Melanie Hunter

The vacant house on East Taylor is still in administrative court.  It was not inspected in December.  

There is an interest in more signs.  We would like to get input on the pricing from the signage committee. 

When it gets warmer the Social Committee plans to have a small gathering.  It may coincide with the plaque video or installation at the park.  If you are interested in hosting in your backyard contact Pam Eaton (epheaton@aol.com).

Terri Clemens plans to organize the flea market/garage/yard sale on the first weekend in June.  More details to come at next meeting.  

There is a wish to get a hard copy of the newsletter out in May before the flea market and bake sale dates.   

The bake sale date hasn’t been set yet.  We will plan for a date in June that is not after a giant flooding rainstorm.     

No new report for block captains.  

Theresa Necessary reported the crime reports have shown low activity for the past two months.              

Next meeting:  March 3, 2022 @6pm      Location:  Green Top grocery or Eaton’s gallery (back-up)

Meeting was adjourned by President Brad Williams 

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