DGNA Socials for 2022

Mission:  A neighborhood gathering to help neighbors meet or get to know each other better and socialize and chat in a relaxed setting with no pressure of an agenda.  Neighbors will bring their own drink and snack to share if they want.  Some may want to bring own chair.

Scheduled:  Bi-monthly the first Thursday of even months 6pm – 7pm??

Locations: Homes, porches, yards, park, locations in the neighborhood or near by

Invites: emails sent out, word of mouth, DGNA Facebook site

Hosts:  will sign up for a month to host, they can if they want provide a drink or snack, they can also ask folks to bring own drinks, snacks, chair if needed

DGNA bi-monthly socials will have no agenda other than to gather and sip-n-chat and socialize.  Neighbors can come and go as their schedule allows.  Goal is to have an hour or hour and a half to just neighbor with others.  

 April 7

June 2

August 4

October 6

December 1

Socials are scheduled on the months that the DGNA does not have a regular meeting.  We will try this out for 2022 and see if neighbors will join in on the socials to help neighbors meet each other.

Pamala Eaton co-chair social committee

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