September 2021 – Meeting Minutes

Minutes for 9-2-2021 Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association
Meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm by President Brad Williams at the Garden of Eaton (Herb and Pam Eaton’s residence)
Attendance: 19 DGNA members present for the meeting, Brad Williams, Pam Eaton, Herb Eaton, Jamie Mathy, Diana Krieg, Bee Baltz, Percy Buckley, Lori Paton, Theresa Necessary, Liz Fink, Mary Alice Wills, Jeff Stewart, Kathryn Kerr, Noah Tang, Brandon Kirk, Jim Ulavege, Sarah Hanzel, Jerica Etheridge, and C.J. Ledinsky. Introductions were made.
The minutes from the July 2021 meeting were read by Theresa Necessary and were voted on/approved.
No Treasurer report
Sewer construction from recent flooding still an issue for some in Oakland/Mill/Evans area. The county did not reach the amount to receive monetary help at the federal or state level so insurance hurdles are still ongoing. Jamie Mathy said to contact him for more information if you are interested in possible project solutions that city council was discussing for some homeowners.
The city came to inspect the vacant property at 503 East Taylor. Lori Paton suggested drafting a letter, collecting signatures, and then mailing it to the compliance lawyer. We hope this will spark action as the property has become a health and safety concern.
New Dimmitt’s Grove brochures were printed. Brad had them available for attendees.
Pamala Eaton reported that she has met some new neighbors, some moving into properties which have sold quickly. Their contact information will be added to distribution lists.
Meeting time was voted on changing it to 6pm.
Discussions led to overall duties of DGNA officers. Original documents from 1987 were read and it was agreed that some revising of the committees may be in order. As COVID-19 continues to burden our social lives, there is renewed interest in more frequent and smaller socials, or even safer “sip and sit” ideas. These will be arranged by a new Social Committee (Pam Eaton, Sarah Hanzel, Bee Baltz).
Theresa Necessary was nominated and voted in as secretary. A Communications Committee (Noah Tang, Theresa Necessary, Cathy Sutliff, Brandon Kirk) will help share information and streamline some technical issues.
There is still continued interest in the sign project. The Signage Committee (Ken Kashian, Sarah Hanzel, Susan, Terri Clemens, Noah Tang) will work together to preserve the valuable history already collected for the website of the walking tour. And they will continue to work on the next batch of signs in the future.
Theresa Necessary reported there was more activity on the crime report than recent months but the porch thefts were not listed, even though they were reported to police. Neighbors were advised to keep their eye out for porch thieves as Sarah Hanzel has clear footage of her offender. Reports will be sent out to more neighbors (in addition to block captains) for broader awareness.
Next meeting November 4, 2021 @6pm @TBD (options: GreenTop grocery? Brandon Kirk’s garage?)
Meeting was adjourned by President Brad Williams

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