July 2021 – Meeting Minutes

Minutes for 7-1-2021 Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association
Meeting was called to order at 6:16pm by President Brad Williams at Maria Litta Park
Attendance: 10 DGNA members present for the meeting, Brad Williams, Pam Eaton, Jamie Mathy, Diana Krieg, Bee Baltz, Lori Paton, Cathy Sutliff, Theresa Necessary, Mel Hunter, Percy Buckley. Introductions were made.
The minutes from the May 2021 meeting were posted to website but nobody present had seen them prior to the meeting yet so they were not voted on/approved.
No Treasurer report
DGNA Bake Sale was a success. New record was set with $554.00 raised. Theresa Necessary reported that fewer items were sold with a smaller crowd (following storms overnight) but more generous donations helped this year.
Discussions about problem properties were had. One owner has different business names listed with each house, making it difficult to reach the right person about issues. 503 East Taylor was supposed to go to court this month. Several complaints about overgrown vegetation and animals have been made to the city.
Dimmitt’s house sold.
The Preservation Banner and Certificate for Dimmitt’s Grove looks really nice. It was displayed downtown on the museum square and at the bake sale and received many compliments. It shall be displayed at future events.
There is still continued interest in the sign project.
Jamie Mathy updated us on needed sewer maintenance in our area; similar to work being done on East Washington Street at the moment. He encouraged everyone to report flood damage to the county site.
Next meeting September 2, 2021 @6pm in the Garden of Eaton (Pam and Herb Eaton’s residence)
Meeting was adjourned by President Brad Williams

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