May 2021-Meeting Minutes

Minutes for 5-6-2021 Dimmit’s Grove Neighborhood Association ● Meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM by President Brad Williams in his backyard at 613 E. Grove St. ● Attendance: 16 DGNA members present for the meeting, Brad Williams, Brandon & Sarah Gray, Herb & Pamala Eaton, Karen Schmidt, Kirk Vance, Theresa Necessary, Scott & Hollis Black, Mel Hunter, Bee Baltz, Percy Buckley, Gary Justis, and Jamie Mathy. Introductions were done and new members Bee Baltz, Scott & Hollis Black were welcomed along with Kirk Vance who attended a meeting for the first time. ● The Minutes from March 2020 meeting were approved by unanimous vote ● The Treasurer reported a balance of $1118.85 in the checking account. President Brad Williams suggested an additional fundraiser to the annual bake sale to bolster the account. Ideas were shared including a DGNA cookbook. ● Bake Sale – Theresa needs bakers and workers for the DGNA bake sale June 26 Sat. at the Farmers Market. Set up time is around 6:30-7:00 and we will set up on Center St. across from Mystic Kitchen or Fox n Hounds. Call Theresa Necessary 309.287.3184 to sign up to help or bake. ● Sign Project – More neighbors are coming forward wanting signs in their yards and some are asking how to find out the history of their homes. The Public Library and the History Museum are two places to look for information. Look for names at addresses in the old city directories to get started. Susan Rush posted she could also help with research: 309.830.7086 Brad will look to see who is still on the sign committee and who should be contacted if wanting a sign for their yard. Jamie will look into helping Sarah with listing house information from the QR codes for the DGNA website. Brad and Pamala reported positive feedback from people walking and driving through the neighborhood who were reading the signs and who also commented on the houses and gardens. ● Problem Properties – Discussed issues with disruptive neighbors and derelict vacant houses which will be addressed with the city code enforcement director, Carey Snedden. Some neighbors are asking for a walk by with the city to address the problems. Several block captains have been in contact with the city and the police about these problems. ● Preservation Banner at History Museum – the Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood received a 2020 Historic Preservation Award. Because of Covid restrictions there was not a presentation of the award at a council meeting, so a banner was designed and placed on the black iron fence in front of the museum. It will remain up for the month of May which is Historic Preservation Month. ● Outdoor Summer Social – Sarah and Gregg Hanzel have volunteered to host at their home/yard. ● Block Captains – Thanks to Donnie J for his service as Block Captain Chair and for sending out the monthly crime reports. To keep DGNA Neighborhood Watch active and keep our signs up we need to have captains for all 26 blocks. Added new captains for four of the blocks but still in need of four more. Theresa Necessary will help take on some of the Block Captain Chair duties. Thanks to Gary Justis, Bee Baltz/ Percy Buckley, Kirk Vance, Jeff & Debbi Stewart for becoming new block captains for their block. ● Members at Large Pamala proposed Theresa Necessary fill the vacant member at large spot. Gary J 1st, Jamie M 2nd all approved. ● Next Meeting July 1, 2021 6pm was suggested to be the time to start meetings, location TBD ● Meeting was called adjourned by President Brad Williams

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