DGNA Bake Sale 2021

Calling all bakers and volunteers!!!!  

It’s time to get ready for the Dimmitt’s Grove bake sale at the Farmer’s Market.  This year, we’ll have the non-profit booth on Saturday June 26th.

We need plenty of baked goods to keep up our good name, and this is currently the only fundraiser we have for DGNA.  Baked goods that sell well include cookies, brownies, bar cookies, muffins, pecan rolls, pies, scones, biscotti, quick breads or bread, rice krispie treats, puppy chow, or whatever you would be proud to sell.  Items should be packaged and priced and labeled with any nuts in the ingredients.  Gluten free things are usually good sellers too.  One or two dollar snacks are a good idea, or larger items to take home should be priced competitively, usually under $10.  

Health Department no-no’s are items that have cream fillings.  We can’t sell pumpkin pies or lemon meringue, anything with eggs in a pudding kind of filling; nothing that includes meat.  Store bought items brought to re-sell are prohibited. 
The Farmer’s Market will be held outside from 7:30AM-12:00PM.  We need bakers and workers.  Due to COVID-19 some restrictions are in place.  Bring a mask you are comfortable wearing and there will be gloves and a hand washing station available at our tent.  Please contact Theresa Necessary if you can help set-up, work a shift (6:30-9:00 or 9:00-11:45), tear-down, or bake an item…or have any questions about vendor instructions in place to help keep us all safe. 

Theresa Necessary

(309) 287-3184 tickles4_2000@yahoo.com

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