March 2021, Meeting Minutes

DGNA Meeting 3/4/21

The meeting was held via Zoom, with 8 people in attendance.

The minutes of the January 7, 2021 meeting were approved.  Treasurer Melanie Hunter reported that our bank balance is $1,236.85.

R-D and R3B update: Brad reported that the proposed revisions to the R-D zoning that our neighborhood asked the City Council to consider were folded into the approved zoning ordinance.  Among the highlights of the revisions: new construction must meet architectural standards that reflect existing historic structures, with a reduction in height to 4 stories and a reduction in the number of units for new multi-family dwellings; and, special use permits are now in place for proposed uses such as agency group homes (previously these were simply permitted used with no public hearing.)

The DGNA historic signs project was featured in the January 21, 2021 Pantagraph; thanks to Pamala Eaton for making that connection.  The houses with signs are listed on the DGNA website.  Many of the houses still need historic information added for the QR code; these can be sent to Sarah Hanzel.  Jerica Etheridge volunteered to develop an additional listing about the history of other DG homes, including those that do not currently have a sign.

Following the recent fire that destroyed the home at Taylor and Gridley and displaced a family, Dimmitt’s Grove neighbors provided monetary support and gifts to help the family. We discussed establishing an emergency assistance fund policy; previously DGNA has written a check for $100 to assist our neighbors in situations like this. Brad will check in with Cathy Sutliff, who organized the recent support drive, to see how the family is doing, and he may recommend that we provide some additional support if needed.

The Downtown Farmer’s Market will be opening in May.  We discussed our annual bake sale and the need to add more neighborhood bakers, especially as this is our current major fund-raiser.  Theresa Necessary will coordinate our bake sale day with Catherine Dunlap at the City. We hope to schedule a table for a date later in June.

We decided that a neighborhood flea market in 2021 is unlikely because of the pandemic.  If someone steps forward to organize it, DGNA is open to discussing this further.

We hope to have a summer social in July at the Hanzels, date to be determined.

Our next meeting is May 6, in person, at Brad and Terry Williams’ back yard.  The start time will be 6:00; the rain location will be the Eaton Gallery.

With our upcoming events, we decided to produce a paper newsletter that will get the dates for our meetings, bake sale and other events out to new neighbors.  Deadline for content will be mid-April.

There were no issues to bring up from the Block Captain report. Donnie sent out the recent crime report.

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