November 2020, Meeting Minutes



Location: ZOOM (hosted by Karen Schmidt)

Welcome and Introductions, there were 11 neighbors in attendance. The previous Meeting Minutes were approved from the September 2020 meeting.

Treasurer Report was given by Melanie Hunter $3,516.01

Acknowledgment of thanks to LJ Douglas for completion of the walking tour pamphlets. Also, to Pam Eaton for her work on the Welcome Packets for new neighbors that will be passed out by the block captains. She has been able to obtain several coupons from neighbor businesses to be included in the new neighbor packets.

Old business discussed regarding the Zoning/R3B process. Brad discussed the RB zoning and explained some of the benefits over the previous R3B. The planning committee has approved it and this will now be going to to City Council. There are still several concerns regarding the special use permits; size of possible apartment complex, Shelter, Half-way House, etc. John and Karen have written a letter to the City Council expressing the neighborhood concerns and requests for clarification. Jamie would like to know of any further requests or questions asap to have them included in the discussion. Several of the concerns at this time also include that we don’t want an apartment complex that is larger than the surrounding houses, we would like the materials considered in building to be in accord with the historic neighborhood, nothing else torn down, pitch of the roof etc.

The neighborhood sign update provided by Sarah Hanzel. The new signs were sent off to Fast Signs, and since the meeting we have received them. The placement flags were delivered to the 15 houses. Julie will be marking this week for utilities, and likely the install date is the week of December 7th.

Block captain update from Donnie, we are still in need of new block captains for several areas. After the beginning of the year Donnie and Sarah plan to work on this, and create a plan.

Jamie Mathy also confirmed he will be running again for Ward 1.

We will have the next meeting on January 7th and it will also be held via Zoom. An email with instructions will go out the week of the meeting.

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