November 2019-Meeting Minutes

Minutes for 11-7-2019

Dimmit’s Grove Neighborhood Association

● Meeting was called to order at 7:11 PM at the home of Greg and Sarah Hanzel ( 601 E.

Jackson St.) by President Brad Williams

● 9 association members total present for the duration of the meeting: Don Johnson of 708

E. Taylor, Pamala and Herb Eaton of 512 E. Taylor, Brad Williams of 613 E. Grove, Terri

Clemens of 606 E. Grove, Diana Krieg of 402 E. Grove, Greg and Sarah Hanzel of 601

E. Jackson, and Brandon Gray of 507 E. Taylor. Introductions were skipped as all

members present are familiar.

● The minutes from September 2019 meeting were approved by unanimous vote

● The treasurer was not in attendance however Melanie reported (through Brad) a balance

of $2980.47 in the checking account.

● Old Business

○ Walking Tour Pamphlets – no news or developments reported at this time

○ DGNA Historic Sign Project – Due to weather conditions and Ken Kashian’s

departure, the project has been postponed until Spring 2020. We currently have

9 applications for new signs, just short of the goal of 10-12.

○ DGNA Chili Cook Off – Thank you to Sarah and Gregg Hanzel for hosting the

annual DGNA Chili Cookoff. As usual, the food and company were great.

Numbers were down from previous years, the FGNA social conflicted with the

timing. Members agreed we may elect to keep the event for just DGNA members

in the future.

● New Business

○ DGNA Plan/City Council – the DGNA Neighborhood Plan is currently scheduled

to be presented at 6PM on 11/18 at City Hall to the Committee of the Whole.

This is a nonvoting session with the goal that the Neighborhood Plan be placed

on the Consent Agenda to be voted on at a future date. All DGNA members are

encouraged to attend to voice support for the Plan. Brad and Carlo Robustelli

will be in attendance.

○ Winter Social – A discussion took place regarding a winter social this year and

members suggested some ideas on where to host with nothing firmly decided.

Any member interested in hosting should contact Sarah Hanzel at Brandon Gray and Pam Eaton agreed they would be

interested in hosting something this summer.

● Other Business

○ R3B Zoning – Brad reported he was in attendance for the R3B Zoning

Informational Meeting with only 1 other attendee, both of which encouraged the

City Planning Commission to rezone our neighborhood’s affected areas to a

more appropriate and less dense zoning.

○ Grove Street Social – Sarah Hanzel reported she is excited about a new business

opening up at 216 E. Grove Street called Grove Street Social. Their website and

social media advertise an indoor activity center for adults opening in 2020.

● Committee reports

○ Block Captains – Donnie and Sarah encouraged members to get the “Neighbors”

app for their smartphones and to consider linking their security cameras to the

network as it allows for an efficient smart-linked Neighborhood Watch.

○ Safety – Members are disappointed the new Police Chief has not continued to

host meetings with the public and hope that he will do so in the future.

● The time and location of the next meeting was the next order of business with the

Eaton’s offering to host at their home (512 E. Taylor) on January 9, 2020. Secretary

Brandon Gray informed the group he will be unable to attend as he and his wife, Sarah,

are expecting a baby boy shortly before the meeting and he asked that notes be taken in

his absence.

● Meeting was called adjourned at 8:09 PM by President Brad Williams

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