Meeting Minutes-September 2019


Location 402 E. Grove St.

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by President Brad Williams. There were 15 neighbors in attendance. Last meeting minutes were approved and online. Melanie Hunter was not in attendance, so the treasury report is not available at this time.

Neighbors discussed the previous issues with the home on 509 E Olive St.

Sign Grant project- Karen Schmidt and Sarah Hanzel met with BNAR ( Bloomington Normal Area Realtors) to present proposal for possible sign grant. The meeting was a success and both feel they were interested in assisting with the project and that it did meet within their requirements. BNAR also suggested that we may also qualify for a large sign marker to designate DGNA neighborhood ( Similar to other neighborhoods have-Founders)

Walking tour pamphlets Update- Per Pam Eaton the last group of photos were delivered to LJ 2-3 wks ago, and have not had a follow up to date. Katherine Kerr also stated that she delivered the verbage to her. Brad will request a status and timeline from her.

DGNA Sign Project we currently have 6-9 requests for the 2nd round. The committee has been delayed due to obstacles by individuals but will return to task soon to continue this venture.

Neighborhood Plan has been set to go before the city NUMEROUS times as of late and repeatedly gets bumped off the agenda. Neighbors all expressed frustration with the situation but will continue to push for its approval.

Summer Social and Kashian party will be held at the home of Sarah and Gregg Hanzel on September 14th at 5pm. The Chili Cook-off will also be there and be held on Saturday October 19th at 4pm.

The next meeting will be held on November 7th at the home of….you guessed it-Then Hanzel’s at 601 E. Jackson St @7pm.

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