Meeting Minutes-May 2019

Minutes for 5-2-2019

Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM at 601 E. Jackson Street, the home of Greg and Sarah Hanzel, by President Brad Williams
  • 13 association members total present for the duration of the meeting and introductions were made prior to any neighborhood business: Brad Williams of 613 E. Grove, Melani Hunter of 603 E. Grove, Pam and Herb Eaton of 512 E. Taylor, Greg and Sarah Hanzel of 601 E. Jackson, Jerica Etheridge of 407 S. Evans, Ken Kashian of 510 E. Grove, Amy Davis of 501 S. Clayton, Jamie Mathy of 611 E. Washington, Brandon, August, and Sarah Gray of 507 E. Taylor.
  • The minutes from the March meeting were approved.
  • The treasurer did not issue a report, but a discussion did take place regarding a possible neighborhood recipe book to draw additional revenue.Herb Eaten volunteered to do artwork for the project.
  • Old business consisted of discussion on the Neighborhood Plan and its progress with City Council, our historic signs project, and the walking tour pamphlets
    • Planning Commission – There was no news on the presentation of the Neighborhood Plan to City Council. The Plan has been approved by the Planning Commission, they will decide on a path forward. Brad is waiting on a call from the City Planner.
    • Historic Signs – All submitted histories from last year’s signs are now live on the DGNA website with only a few vacant pages left waiting for submissions.5 new applications have been received for yard signs, nearly halfway to the goal of 12 per year and the Committee hopes to have all 12 applications approved by the June 30th deadline. Information on applying will be included in the coming newsletter. Mel has stored much of the leftover materials from last year except for the post caps which Ken may or may not have.
    • Walking Tour Pamphlets – The Walking Tour Pamphlets are nearly finished
  • New business consisted of discussion on the DGNA Flea Market, the IWU Art Collaboration, and the DGNA Bake Sale.
    • DGNA Flea Market – The annual DGNA Flea Market will be June 1 from 9AM-3PM.Terry Clemens is heading up the project. Contact her at to participate.  Brad will have a sign in his yard to advertise.
    • IWU Art Collaboration – IWU declined to follow up on the Art Collaboration.Several DGNA members were present at the event.
    • DGNA Bake Sale – DGNA’s big revenue generating event is the Bake Sale which will take place at the Downtown Farmer’s Market on June 8th. We will be selling screen-printed DGNA swag as well as donated baked goods.  Bakers are needed!  Setup will be at 6:30AM.  Baked items that sell well are pies, gluten free items, pies, and pies.  Avoid items that won’t hold up well to the summer heat and especially anything cream-based.  Ken will be making a DGNA poster for display.
  • Committees reporting included the Block Captains and Safety
    • Block Captains – No formal report was issued, but Sarah Hanzel reported that there appears to be some turnover in the tenants at 511 E. Jackson, which has been a nuisance in the past. All are hoping for an improvement here.
    • Safety – Crime continues to be very low, no report was issued
  • Further discussion
    • There is a study underway this year on the impact of R3B zoning in rejuvenation neighborhoods.
    • Part of the fencing and some bushes were removed on the south side of Marie Litta Park. The Park District reported the fence was being painted and will be reinstalled.
    • If anyone wants additional items screen printed with the DGNA logo, Meltdown will do party pricing for a minimum of 12 items.
    • Jamie and Brad led a discussion on bulk trash pickup especially its economic and observational impact on our neighborhoods as well as the City’s reasoning for continuing it. Brad and Jamie both feel it would be better to cancel the program entirely and it was pointed out that the Citizen’s Convenience Center is an easy, convenient, and free alternative for those who have the ability to haul their items there.
  • Next meeting will be July 11th @ 7:00 PM at Marie Litta Park.
  • Meeting was called adjourned at 8:24 PM by President Brad Williams

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