Meeting Minutes-March 2019

DGNA meeting minutes – 3/7/19

In the home of Jerica Etheridge at 407 S Evans St

  • 5 neighbors and 2 guests were in attendance: Neighbors: karen schmidt. Brad williams, Jerica Etheridge, ken Kashian, Pam Eaton & Guests: Georgene Giselle, Q Jackson
  • A vote was taken and minutes from the January meeting were approved.
  • The current balance in the DGNA bank account is $3,012.11

Old Business/Updates

  • Dimmitt’s Grove Plan went before the planning commission, commission praised the plan and were impressed and passed the plan unanimously. The plan will now go onto a future city council agenda.
  • Discussion took place about a potential zoning change for current R3B properties to be more aligned with current use.
  • Historic sign committee is meeting on the 13thto discuss the relaunch of the next phase. Ken Kashian mentioned that they have 6 people who are interested in signs.Were thinking about sending out flyers to try to get the number to 12 for this year.  It was mentioned that we need to find a way to ensure that we are getting house histories for the website so we don’t have signs with QR codes that lead to nothing.
  • Pam Eaton told the group that neighborhood pamphlets are now at the convention and visitors center.
  • Thanks to Sarah Hanzel for planning the winter social at Meltdown and to everyone who attended and brought food.

New Business

  • Guest Q Jackson from the IWU Art Collaboration(?) is involved in a 3-neighborhood project in one of Karen Schmidt’s class and part of his piece of the project is an interview. Trying to do a beautification project. The project is looking at doing something artistic and “placemaking” in parks (Marie Litta Park, Withers Park, etc.). Has bricks they are looking to include in the project.  Jerica Etheridge has some bricks to donate.
  • DGNA flea market is the first Saturday in June/June 1st.
  • Pam Eaton spoke about a program in another community where a university had a program where discounts/funding was given for citizens having regarding rain barrels, rain gardens and pollinator gardens. She is looking into the potential for a similar program with the city and/or the Ecology Action Center.

Committee Reports

  • No one was in attendance to report on Block Captains
  • A neighbor had a rock thrown through their window.
  • The police chief meeting – the response was that crime has been going down steadily for the past 20 years but citizens are concerned about gun violence incidents that have occurred recently.

The next meeting will take place on May 2nd, however a location has not yet been determined.

One thought on “Meeting Minutes-March 2019

  1. Hello! Jim and Sharon Warren at 407 E Grove are interested in getting a historic sign for our home. We have the historical information needed to complete the sign. If there is someone else I need to contact to inform them of our desire for a sign, please let us know.
    Thank you, Jim and Sharon Warren

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