Meeting Minutes-November 2018

Minutes for 11-1-2018

Dimmit’s Grove Neighborhood Association

● Meeting was called to order at 7:09 PM at the Green Top Grocery Cafe by President

Brad Williams

● 10 association members total present for the duration of the meeting and introductions

were made prior to any neighborhood business.

● The treasurer was not in attendance and no report submitted at this time, it will be given at the next meeting

● Old business consisted of discussion on the planning commission, the transportation

commission, our historic signs project, and the walking tour pamphlets

○ Planning Commission – the presentation of our neighborhood plan was moved off

of the October schedule for the Planning Commission due to time constraints

with zoning changes taking precedent. It has been moved to the November

meeting which Brad will attend.

○ Transportation Commission – Brad attended the Transportation Commission

meeting and is scheduled to do an interview with WGLT radio advocating traffic

safety. A lively discussion took place with topics of speed limit reduction, speed

bumps, additional stop signs, traffic directional arrows, and just Bloomington’s

approach to street engineer and traffic policing in general. All agree the wrong

way traffic on Evan’s street continues to be a problem as does generalized

excessive speed in the neighborhood and beyond.

○ Historic Signs – No committee members were present and no report was issued,

but our sign project continues to get glowing support from within the

neighborhood as well as outside of it. We reviewed the process and contact

people for future sign placements.

○ Walking Tour Pamphlets – No committee members were present and no report

was issued, but the Walking Tour Pamphlets are in the editing process and we

are hopeful for more details at the next meeting.

● New business consisted of a wrap up for the Chili Cook-off, an update on 511 E.

Jackson, and discussion on a Winter Traveling Social

○ Chili Cookoff – the Hanzels were not present, but we thanked them in spirit along

with all who attended this fun event that was very well attended.

○ 511 E. Jackson – this house seems to be less of a problem according to the area

residents in attendance and the problem residence were recently arrested for

drug dealing on the 1000 block of South Main Street. No tears were shed on

their behalf.

○ Winter Traveling Social – Sarah Gray proposed a mid to late January social event

and proposed Meltdown T-Shirts as the venue. Those in attendance were

supportive of the idea. More details to follow at our next meeting.

● Committees reporting included the Block Captains and Safety

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