DGNA Meeting Minutes- July 12, 2018

Location: Marie Litta Park

Brad Williams called the meeting to order and 16 people were in attendance. Last meeting minutes have been reviewed and were approved.

The treasury report was given by Mel Hunter with a total balance as of our last statement 6/29/18 at $2552.96.

In attendance at this meeting we had two members from the city of Bloomington, interim City Manager Steve Rasmussen and Bob Mart from Community Development. They were there in follow up from our May meeting where we were discussing our Neighborhood Plan and avenues to move forward. Carlo started off with an overview of the process and methodology for how we developed the plan. As a whole we then explained what projects and committees we have created and accomplished since its inception. We expressed our interest in bringing it to the city council for approval. Mr. Mahrt discussed his thoughts on the plan and his feeling that we need additional items/information and requested further information regarding our methodology. He would like to have another meeting to discuss further our Neighborhood Plan and going forward.

The flea market update is pending from Terri. We have the DGNA bake sale coming up Saturday Aug 4th. An email has been sent out and posted to the website and facebook with further details.

The safety crime report was sent out by Donnie. Several members discussed the ongoing issues regarding a house on Jackson St and how members are working with the police and code enforcement to resolve the issues.

Our next meeting will be held September 6th at 7pm at Green Top Grocery.

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