May 2018 Meeting Minutes

DGNA Meeting Minutes



The May 2018 meeting of Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association was held at the home of Sarah and Gregg Hanzel at 601 E Jackson. The meeting was called to order by President Brad Williams. Nineteen neighbors and two city staff were present. The meeting minutes from the March meeting was approved. The bank account has $4,887.11 as of the end of March


Katie Simpson and Bob Mahrt from the City of Bloomington were present at this meeting to discuss our neighborhood plan. Brad and Carlo provided an overview of the plan and the process we used to come up with the plan. The plan included topics such as zoning and celebrating the history of Dimmitt’s Grove and goals for our neighborhood. Our goal for the plan is for the city to consult our plan before making changes. Bob Mahrt has reviewed the plan and he had a few questions and concerns about extending the boundaries of the neighborhood as well as how the plan was developed. There were also things that he did not agree with in the plan, but did not provide examples. Carlo said we would like to receive feedback from the city because we want the city to know that the plan exists and we would like the city council to adopt the plan or place it on file to consult during their planning. Pam will provide letters and surveys to Katie Simpson. Karen suggested completing an Alderman Request submitted to the city council in order for the city employees to review the plan with a DGNA subcommittee.


Karen Schmidt has been working with Miller Park on speeding and traffic issues. She would like to get the Transportation Commission involved. She suggests submitting an Alderman Request for these issues. She would like to get a few neighbors from a couple other neighborhoods to voice their concerns.


Penn Landscaping is excited to be helping with the historical sign project. The historical signs are in and volunteers will be needed to help put the signs up once the posts are placed. If someone needs a flag to mark placement, Pam has extras, just stop by. Lacey Fritsch will send out an email to all homes to make sure posts can be set in concrete.  Sarah Hanzel will contact the Pantagraph. It has not been determined when the next set of signs will be completed, but if you are interested in a sign, please contact Lacey Fritsch atLacey.fritsch@gmail.comto reserve your spot early.


Late last year, Ash created a pamphlet for Dimmitt’s Grove combining several of our existing documents.  The pamphlet has been printed and is a prototype that we will continue to build on. There are things that need correcting, but it has been distributed to the neighbors and to the Conventions and Visitors Bureau. A couple of neighbors have volunteered to help build on this pamphlet.


The DGNA Flea Markets will be held on June 2nd. Please email Terri at oldstuff33@hotmail.comif you are hosting a sale. The cost is $5 to be listed on the map. This helps offset the cost of the ad and printing.


The DGNA Traveling Social is scheduled for June 23rd. The hosts are Brandon and Sarah Gray (507 E Taylor) and Herb and Pam Eaton (512 E Taylor). Please check your email and Facebook for more details.


August 4thwill be the DGNA bake sale. Please bring your baked goods between 7 am and 8 am. More details to come.


Sarah Hanzel has agreed to help schedule another Meltdown Creative Works Screen Printing Party. She is aiming for a weeknight in August.


Clare Baez has lived in Dimmitt’s Grove for 32 years. She started Rogue Carrots, a small scale urban farm located at 604 E Front Street. They have a zero waste policy and their mission is to make organically grown foods accessible to all. They offer produce and plants on a pay what you can basis. You can follow Rogue Carrots on Instagram at the handle @roguecarrots to see what latest produce is available you can also sign up for their email list or trade your time (volunteer) for produce.


Donnie Johnson and Sarah Hanzel will be co-chairs of the block captains during the next year. If you have any concerns, you may reach out to either person or both.


Make sure you follow up on your police reports or get a report number. Some issues are not showing up on the crime report, so do your best to follow up with BPD. If you need to call a complaint in, you can always ask for a silent dispatch.


The next meeting will be held at the Marie Litta Park Shelter (next to Bloomington Public Library) on July 12. Please note the date, this is the 2ndThursday of the month to avoid July 4thconflicts.




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