Neighbor Spotlight

In Dimmitt’s Grove we are very proud of our neighbors, both young and old. Recently one of our very own, MaKylee Assani (age 10) expressed to her parents Tunde and Kim her passion for helping others. She started by researching charities and chose Project Oz, because “they helped the homeless and children”. She set out to offer chores to friends and neighbors, with proceeds going to her charity fund. This week she worked with her little sister Elyanna (age 4) to help take my dog Barley (age 4) on a walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash. She and her sister came right after school and were ready to work. We loaded up with bags for recycle and trash, gloves, and dog in tow. They eagerly worked together until we had over four bags full from all around Dimmit’s Grove.

So far MaKyleee has also done yard work, cleaned floors, washed dishes, and folded laundry. I think it’s safe to say this girl is amazing, and we are all so proud to have her in our neighborhood! Way to go Mak!

by Sarah Hanzel




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