Meeting Minutes, March 2018

The March 2018 meeting of Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association was held at Green Top Grocery on March 1st. The meeting was called to order by President Brad Williams. Eleven neighbors were present. The meeting minutes from previous meetings were all approved. The bank account has $4,202.11 in it as of January 25th.

Ken from the sign committee provided an update. Currently basic information and sign information has been complied. The next step is to choose a date and time to meet with the homeowners and finalize the information for the signs. There will be five homeowners that will need to present to the historic preservation committee in April. Brad has offered to present for all properties. Neighbors would like to see a deadline for sign installation of June 1stin time for the Neighborhood flea markets and the SteamPunk Festival.

The brochure is almost finished and after a couple of corrections it can be sent to the printers.

Jamie Mathy gave an update on an email from Karen Schmidt about the neighborhood plan. Community Development was not involved in the DGNA Neighborhood Plan and they would like 4-6 weeks to go through it and see how it works together with their developing city master plan. They would like to use this plan to set up templates and steps for other neighborhoods to create their own plans.

The Winter Social will be held on March 24that 6:30 pm. Jamie Mathy has offered up Red Raccoon Games as the location.

The DGNA Bake Sale will be August 4that the Farmer’s Market. All bakers and workers are needed.

The DGNA Flea Market will be the first weekend in June. Brad will talk to Terrie to see if she is still putting together the map of all homes.

The Summer Traveling social will tentatively be held on June 23rd. The hosts for the event will be Brandon and Sarah Gray and Pam and Herb Eaton.

Jamie Mathy would like all neighbors to know that he has an Alderman Jamie Mathy page on Facebook. He provides updates and clarifications to news and events on his page. He would like neighbors to follow it for the latest updates.

Block captains will be receiving the monthly crime report within the next week.

No update from Safety.

The next meeting will be May 3, 2018 at Green Top Grocery.

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