January 2018, Meeting Minutes

Brad called the meeting to order. 16 neighbors were present at Green Top Grocery.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved. The treasurer’s report was not available at the time of the meeting.

Ken provided an update on the neighborhood signs committee. There are 6 applications and 6 spots remaining. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2018. Signs are to be installed in the spring.

Dimmittsgrove.org has a new look thanks to Sarah and Gus, a student from IWU. The website will continue to receive updates as there are a lot of ideas on how to improve it. Ideas include neighbor spotlights and a calendar with the upcoming events. Sarah proposed that the neighborhood buy a gift card for both IWU students as a Thank you for their hard work and help on this project. Dawn motioned to purchase 2- $25 gift cards, Carlo seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Winter Social will be held at Red Raccoon Games in downtown. It will be a game night. The date will be announced later.

Latest crime report was sent out. There was not a lot of activity reported in Dimmitt’s Grove, but there were a few thefts north of Washington. The issues on the 400 block of Olive are 80% resolved. 3 abandoned cars have been removed and the traffic has decreased significantly.

The police chief’s meeting was cancelled due to weather.

Carlo will present the neighborhood plan to the city council.

Shayna Watchinski is running for County Board for District 8. She is a Bloomington native. She hopes to bring a fresh perspective and a new face to the county board. The primary will be held on March 20th. Thank you, Shayna, for joining the DGNA meeting, it was a pleasure to have you.

Ken proposed that all future meetings be held at Green Top Grocery. Lacey will check their availability.

The next meeting will be March 1 at 7 pm. The location will be Green Top Grocery’s teaching kitchen.


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