Meeting Minutes, November 2017

DGNA 11-2-17

Brad called the meeting to order. 22 neighbors were present.

The minutes were approved from the last meeting. The neighborhood currently has $4,563.80.

In May 2017, Dawn presented a check to the Western Avenue Community Center from funds raised by the Welcome to Our Neighborhood signs project. WACC loved the neighborhood signs. A letter from the Western Avenue Community Center will be posted on the website. If people are still interested in a sign, please contact Pam.

There were 36 people and 19 chilis at the 29th Annual DGNA Chili Cook-Off. Thank you to CJ and Susan for hosting. The neighbors loved visiting your home and enjoyed seeing the Halloween room and the heated bathroom floors.

Ken presented the historical sign that will be installed in front of his home. The sign project has been a work in progress in conjunction with the neighborhood plan. The signs will cost $200; homeowners that would like one will pay $100 and the neighborhood will pay the other $100. There will only be 12 signs installed at first. The introduction to the project, sign application, and photograph of the sign will need to be sent out to the neighborhood. The information on the actual sign will be brief, but the information on the website can be more in depth. Pam motioned to accept the proposal of the neighborhood spending $1,200 for the signs. Jerica seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Sarah will be meeting with some of Karen’s Illinois Wesleyan students to discuss the website during the week of November 6.

Ash created a brochure for the self-guided tours. The idea is to put them in the little free libraries, the public library, and the history museum. The neighbors thought the cover was very eye catching.

Jamie and Sarah are going to work on setting up a game and hors d’oeuvre night for the winter traveling social. They plan to host it in January or February at Red Raccoon Games in Downtown.

Please report all suspected crimes even minor break-ins. 8:00 am until 2:00 pm is the high time for break-ins to happen. Good lighting is essential to prevention as well as neighbors that are looking out for each other. There are no hours for loud music or noise. There have been many issues with illegal activities and kids in the 400 block of Olive.

Next Meeting will be held on January 4th at 7:00 pm at Green Top.

DGNA then had a presentation from the Downtown Task Force. Jamie and Carlo were presenting their final report from the Downtown Task Force. Their mission was to listen recommendations and put into action plan and prioritize these ideas. This presentation can be found at A copy of handouts from the presentation can be found at Thank you to Carlo and Jamie for a great presentation.

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