DGNA Sign Project


  • Pulitzer prize winning brothers, Paul and Edgar Mowrer, lived at 418 E. Grove;
  • 709 E. Taylor was home to Harold Sinclair when he wrote “The Horse Soldiers”, later a movie starring John Wayne and William Holden.
  • Abraham Lincoln was among those who gathered at 705/507 E. Grove, the home of Kersey Fell, known as the social center of Bloomington.
  • President Grant was a guest at a reception at the home of Judge Lawrence Weldon at 407 E. Grove.

Dimmitt’s Grove neighborhood has a rich historical heritage. Many of our homes date from the mid-1800’s, with diverse architectural styles, including Queen Anne, Italianate, and Four Square. Residents throughout our history have made important contributions to our community, with influences reaching beyond central Illinois.

We want to share our history with people who drive or walk around Dimmitt’s Grove. One way to accomplish this will be to install signs in front of some of our homes that illustrates our history.

These colorful signs are 18” X 24”, printed on aluminum with historical facts about each home. Information will include the builder/architect, date of construction, architectural style, residents and their accomplishments.

The content and location of each sign will be developed as a result of collaboration between the homeowner and our neighborhood sign committee. Each sign will have a unique QR code which will link “smart phone” owners to additional information on our website. If you are interested in participating, but don’t know very much about your home, we can help research.

The cost of each sign and installation will be shared equally between the homeowner and DGNA. If we have 12 sign designs ready to go the total cost for sign production and installation will be $100 for home owner and $100 by the neighborhood association.

Attached is a image of an actual sign and a sign application. If you would like to participate please fill in the form, then mail it with a check (Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association) to: Sarah Hanzel 601 E Jackson St. Bloomington IL 61701 Applications and payments are due by November 27, 2017. Please remember that if you are having trouble with your house’s history we can help.

We are installing 12 signs this year. Please let us know of your interest ASAP. First come…First served.

For further questions please email: hanzel5@comcast.net

DGNA Sign Application-1




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