May, 2017 Meeting

Brad called the meeting to order. 13 neighbors were present

Minutes were approved from the last meeting. The treasurers report was not available at the time of the meeting.

There were 1,100 Welcome signs distributed around Bloomington\Normal. Dawn will present the $375 check to Western Avenue Community Center at their next board meeting on May 18th.

Pam and Sarah will be scraping and painting the kiosk and bench at Maria Litta park. They will also update the kiosk information.

Ken presented a mock-up of the sign content. Melanie Shellito will be helping with the design. By the next meeting, Ken plans to have prices and proposal to present to the neighbors.

A few dates to keep in mind:

DGNA Flea Market on June 3

Old House Tour on west side is June 10

Garden Walk is June 24

Summer Traveling Social hosted by Jamie and Kelly Mathy is June 24


At the police chiefs meeting, the replacement for Sara Mayer was announced. Elias Mendiola will be the new public affairs liaison. There was a presentation from the mental health crisis team. They claim that 1 in 5 people will mental health care in their lifetime.

Block captains appreciate the monthly crime rates that Donnie has been emailing.

Lacey will be creating a newsletter for Dimmit’s Grove to be distributed this summer. Sponsors will be listed on the newsletter once the cost has been set.

Jamie Would like to invite Barry Riley and the principal of Sheraton to one of the next meetings.

606 Front St sold to a California developer. They will convert it back to single family and the timeline is 90 days.

The website committee was decided. Jamie, Dawn, Lacey and Sarah are going to work on the website. The cost is $10 per month.

The next meeting will be at Maria Litta Park on July 6.

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