Announcement; Sewer Project to Begin Next Week

Public Works Department

115 E. Washington St.,

PO BOX 3157 Bloomington, IL 61702-3157

Phone: 309-434-2225 Fax: 309-434-2201

400 blocks of East Olive and East Grove Sewer Project to Begin Next Week
April 5, 2017
Dear Dimmitt’s Grove Neighbors:
Allow us to share a moment of your time to inform/update the neighborhood about the City of Bloomington’s upcoming sewer project.
The City will install new sewer in the 400 block of East Olive Street and the 400 block of East Grove Street (the blocks between McLean and Gridley streets). Our contractor, Bloomington-based Stark Excavating, was awarded a contract for $255,000 through competitive bidding. Today, Stark was given a the “Notice to Proceed” with work. The company has 120 days to complete the work. Stark will begin some investigative digging next week, April 10th. The purpose of this is to identify the location of existing utilities. The street will be open to traffic for this work. Around April 24th Stark will begin construction in earnest. They most likely will begin with the Grove Street work.
Safety: As with any project, our first concern is safety. Please avoid the construction by using other roads and sidewalks, and please help us keep an eye on our young people, as they may be tempted to play in the work zone.
Traffic plan: At various times during construction, traffic will be limited and prohibited on these blocks. We will try to maintain driveway access for residents of these blocks for virtually the entire time. Alley access should remain at all times. We also will only close one street to through traffic at a time. Once construction begins on a block, the contractor will restore full traffic access to that block within a month. The street itself should be cleaned to a reasonable degree by the end of each workday.
General inconvenience: We will apologize in advance, because projects like this create dust, debris, and inconvenience even under the best circumstances. We are committed to minimizing inconvenience.
To stay informed: You are welcome to contact us with questions and concerns. Also, if you would like to receive e-mail updates about the project, please send an e-mail with the subject line “olive-grove sewer project” to
Steve Arney, project inspector

Luke Thoele, project engineer 309/434-2419 309/434-2437

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