March, 2017 Meeting

3/2/17 DGNA Meeting Minutes

Brad called the meeting to order. 25 Neighbors were present.

The previous month’s minutes have been posted and were approved. DGNA currently has $5,064.38.

The DGNA subcommittees each provided a status on their goal. Karen Schmidt offered that her class of 16 students could work with each section chair starting late August or early September.

Jamie reported that his group is going to strengthen ties with Sheridan.

Ken has been working with a company called Engraphics out of St. Louis on signs for the neighborhood. Prices for the signs range from $1,200 to $5,000 sign. Ken will be looking into local suppliers for signs with a lower price tag. Sarah reported that she hopes to redesign the DGNA website. Her hope is that it will have more personality like the Founder’s Grove. She would like the website to be more interactive. She has been looking into different hosting sites such as WIX. These range in cost from $10-$15 per month. She would also like to create a website committee to maintain the site, so that it does not fall on one person. The next meeting with the subgroup will come up with a plan for the website such as website etiquette, number of advertisers, cost to advertise.

Donnie reported that Bloomington Police Department now uses Lexus Nexus instead of Raids online. He has been creating monthly reports of crime data. He has been using the dates, times, and type of crime for the past 30 days. He plans to send this information out to the block captains. There are also plans to have a block captain meeting in the spring.

Jamie and Kelly Mathy will be hosting the spring social in Mid-April. Other hosts are welcome. Date will be announced at a later time.

June flea market will be held on June 3. It will run from 9 am to 3 pm. Email Terri if you are interested in being on the map.

There was a hit a hit and run on the 700 block of E Taylor. From the bumper left behind, it was a red vehicle. If you have any information on this incident, please contact Bloomington Police Department.

An updated newsletter should be distributed before the next meeting. Donnie will update the Kiosk at Maria Litta Park.

At the Bloomington Police Chief’s meeting, the chief is reporting the lowest crime rate in a generation and is the lowest in any other community in IL.

The next meeting will be at 601 E Jackson on May 4th.

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