September, 2016 Meeting

Brad called the meeting to order. 15 neighbors were present.
The minutes from the previous meeting were approved. There was no treasurer’s report.
There will be a T-Shirt party at Meltdown Creative Works on October 13 at 7:00 pm. The T-shirts made at this event will feature the new, improved DGNA logo. Some light appetizers and drinks will be furnished, but neighbors are free to bring their own refreshments and beverages and are also encouraged to bring their own chair. Shirts can be purchased at Meltdown Creative Works, but neighbors are cautioned due to the influx of events, inventory may be limited and neighbors are encouraged to bring their own. Those that bring their own the cost is $10 for the first shirt and $5 for each additional shirt.
Sarah proposed to spend $250 on shirts, canvas bags, and other items to have screen printed. These items would be given to VIPs and city officials attending meetings and also to sell to neighbors. Emily motioned to approve the proposal. The motion passed.
Thanks to our gracious hosts for the Summer Traveling Social. It was a success and everyone enjoyed their time.
The Bake Sale at the July Farmer’s Market was a huge success. We raised almost $500 and were almost sold out of baked goods. A special thank you to those bakers and helpers that made it such a huge success.
The DGNA neighborhood plan is already on the website. Carlo motioned to approve and adopt the neighborhood plan, Jerica seconded the motion and the neighborhood plan was adopted. The next steps include setting up subcommittees to break up the plan and come up with ideas to implement the plan and then eventually present it to the City Council. The next meeting will be a working meeting for the subcommittees. Those that are interested in being a part of one of the committees are asked to be at that meeting. Donnie, Jerica, and Sarah volunteered to be part of the committees.

An unexpected guest arrived. Dr. Tim Campbell, former owner of 401 E Grove, stopped in to tell the neighbors hello and that he loved how the neighborhood looked.

The Chili Cook-Off aprons are in at the printer. The location and date of the Chili Cook-Off have not been decided. Carlo will reach out to the owner of Clay Dooley to see if he would be our host. Jamie will be the fallback solution in the basement of Red Raccoon Games.

The Winter Traveling Social has been tabled for the next meeting. Also tabled until a future date, the Home and Garden Tour or a Day in Dimmitt’s Grove. This will wait until we have more of our complete.

There were 10 people in attendance at the Chief’s Meeting. There was a special presentation on Gangs. Graffiti incidents have been on the rise in Bloomington. Washington School had an incident most recently. If you have graffiti, please remove it ASAP or if it is on public property, report it as it could be a message to one of the 7 gangs in Bloomington.

The next meeting will be hosted by Jerica at 407 S Evans on November 3.

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