May, 2016 Meeting

Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes- May 5, 2016

The March 2016 meeting of Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association was held at Susan and TJ’s on May 5th. The meeting was called to order by President Brad Williams. Seventeen neighbors were present. The meeting minutes from previous meetings were all approved. The bank account has $4597.30 in it at this time.

Jerica gave an overview of the neighborhood plan that has been in process for over a year. Vasu, of the Regional Planning Commission, sent out action items since the last meeting. Pam will send the history of the homes to the Regional Planning Commission. Interviews will be submitted at a later time.

Jerica gave an update on Green Top Grocery. Ground will be broken this summer and the complex will include two buildings. Green Top Grocery will be a stand-alone building and the other building will feature three local businesses.

Newsletters will be sent out to let the new neighbors know we are here. We are still in need of a volunteer to write the newsletter.

The long term rehab in progress on Jackson St was discussed. The neighbors all agreed that the work appeared to be of great quality and also to have kept a lot of the interior character of the home including the original woodwork. It is part of a Federal grant and must adhere to specific guidelines regarding its energy efficiency and future residents.

Please make sure to browse the new website. A special thank you to Sarah Hanzel for all of her hard work in making the website look great!

June 4 will be the DGNA Flea Market, which will be held from 9 to 3. A map will be made and advertising will be done for a $5 contribution. Contact Terri at to participate.

The Bake Sale will be July 9 at the Farmer’s Market. Bakers are needed as are volunteers to man the stand. Please contact Terri if you are interested in being a baker. All goods at the sale must not require refrigeration and also please no cream pies. Mel will work on a list of what items should not be sold as well as a pricing structure for the items. Our prices need to be more in line for a fundraiser (i.e. $10 per pie) so that the bake sale will be a success. Mel added, “Bake, bake, bake!”

The hosts for the Summer Traveling Social are working on a date for the social to be held. Pam and Herb, Sarah and Brandon, and Amy have all graciously volunteered to host. They are aiming for a date in July.

An idea for all neighbors to plant tulips during the fall was proposed. The idea would be for Dimmitt’s Grove to be known for its tulips in the spring.

Ken proposed an idea for business cards to be created that include 2-3 facts about Dimmitt’s Grove. The cards would be easy to hand out to new neighbors and direct them to NextDoor and the website. Ken will work on a design for these cards.

The Bloomington City Council approved a $900,000 contract with Stewart for sidewalk repairs. Neighbors were concerned because this company had caused a lot of damage to residential property in the past. If you have complaints about the issues, please make sure you call and email your city council members so they are aware of the issues.

Block captains are all assigned. No other news was discussed on the block captains report.

Brad attended a BPD Police Chief’s meeting and learned how the crime scenes and evidence were processed. Bloomington is fortunate to have their own vault so that evidence can be stored in town rather than sent away to the state vault where it could take years to process and recover evidence. The police have been patrolling the streets of the neighborhood and all neighbors are grateful. Just a reminder, be sure you are locking your doors to your cars.

The next meeting will be on Thursday July 7th at 7 PM at Maria Litta Park.

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