November, 2015 Meeting

Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place at the home of Ken and Carol Kashian at 510 E Grove. There were 10 neighbors in attendance.

No meeting minutes have been posted online so they could not be approved. Sarah Hanzel offered to take over updating the website as needed and will contact Stephanie Davidson to find out what it would take to transfer the responsibilities.

The bank account has $4697.30 in it at this time.

Sarah and Pam will be completing the walkthrough of the neighborhood to provide the last of the information requested by the McLean County Planning Commission for the DGNA Plan. A couple neighbors volunteered to assist with the walkthrough to spread the work out to more people.

The Chili Cook-off in October was a good event and had between 50-60 people in attendance. Several bags of canned goods collected at the event were donated to Claire House.

Lacey Fritch and Julia Sutherland offered to host the Winter Traveling Social. They will select a date before the next meeting. Jerica to ask for a volunteer for the third house in an upcoming email to the neighborhood.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, January 7th at the home of Jerica Etheridge at 407 S Evans St.

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