January, 2016 Meeting

Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place at the home of Jerica Etheridge at 407 S Evans. There were 12 neighbors in attendance.

The meeting minute from November are not yet online so could not be voted on.

The treasurer was not in attendance so we could not get a report but know that the balance is around $4500

The neighborhood plan was recapped to get new neighbors up to speed on the project. Jerica will contact Melissa about the status of the project and to offer the possibility of Wesleyan student interns assisting (per Karen Schmidt).

The Winter Traveling Social will take place on Saturday, February 27th at 6pm at 501 and 503 E Olive. Appetizers will be served at 501 and dessert will be served at 503.

On February 26th at 411 N Center there will be a social and presentation on the history of the 400 blocks of N Center and N Main in Downtown at 5:30. There is a small fee to cover costs.

Jack McQueen spoke at the BPD Chief Focus Meeting about crime statistics. Violent crimes in Bloomington keep going down. In 2015 there were 15 shootings in BL vs 91 in Champaign.

Next meeting: March 3rd, 2016 at Pam and Herb’s 512 E Taylor.

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