Neighborhood Study & Plan

Neighborhood Study & Plan

The Regional Planning Commission has been piloting a neighborhood comprehensive plan, similar to what they’re doing with the City of Bloomington, and Dimmitt’s Grove was selected as their pilot neighborhood.

The process started with neighborhood surveys, distributed to everyone in Dimmitt’s Grove. Early in the spring, DGNA members had the chance to see how our surveys measured up against what the statistics say about our neighborhood. It turns out we all have a pretty good understanding of our neighborhood!

Attendees at the first meeting established the starting point for planning: our neighborhood’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Over the coming year, we’ll be meeting with the Planning Commission periodically to create a vision for Dimmitt’s Grove and a plan that will help guide our neighborhood in the years to come.

Vision (set in spring, 2015)
Dimmitt’s Grove is our historic neighborhood, in the heart of Bloomington, which embraces and thrives on diversity and sense of community.

Goals (set in spring, 2015):

  • Preserve the historic integrity of our neighborhood
  • Increase homeownership rates in the neighborhood
  • Continue to enhance neighborhood safety and engagement
  • Ensure development is cohesive with our neighborhood character
  • Promote our neighborhood through education and awareness to the community

The Planning Commission provided a set of maps at the meeting on 5/6/15, identifying various traits of our neighborhood, including % owner-occupied, sidewalk conditions, and code complaints and crime. All the maps have been loaded to the website for viewing here.

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