November, 2014 meeting

November 5, 2014, 407 S. Evans St.

10 neighbors present, 2 employees from McLean County Regional Planning Commission. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer was not present so no report was made on finances.

Vasu from the Regional Planning Commission spoke about their plan to begin to look at neighborhoods in the same manner as the citywide comprehensive plan to help provide more information about the individual neighborhoods within Bloomington. Dimmitt’s Grove had previously volunteered to pilot this study.

She spoke of the importance of engaging all residents, owners, renters and landlords. A SWOT survey has been created by the Commission and needs to be distributed to all neighbors. An option to do it electronically can be made available to assist with collecting more surveys. Paper surveys will need to be distributed to all homes and apartments in DG. Surveys need to be collected by first week of January. In addition to individual surverys, a neighborhood-wide survey will need to be completed as well. The Commission plans to hold a neighborhood workshop in early February.

Vasu and Melissa will provide the surveys and DG block captains and volunteers will assist with passing them out. A drop off location for collection of paper surveys will be the Hanzel’s porch at 601 E Jackson, Sarah Hanzel and Pam Eaton will meet to discuss a cover letter and deadlines.

There was a good turnout of DGNA, FGNA and Downtown residents at the annual Chili Cook-off. An article about the event appeared in the Limited (Pantagraph magazine).

It was decided that there would be no luminaries this year.

Winter traveling social has been scheduled for February, 21st. We have two houses so far (Ken and Carol Kashian – 510 E Grove & Amy Davis 501 S Clayton) and are looking for a third. Jerica to send out an email looking for a 3rd house. The order of the houses have not yet been determined.

Safety: There was a break in 600 block of E Taylor. Residents were reminded to turn on porch lights, motion lights, interior lights, etc.

Discussion was had regarding the sex offenders website. has City of Bloomington Police statistics and maps regarding crime.

There was discussion about the possible creation of a committee to write a grant proposal to get plaques partially paid for.

Next meeting: January 8th at the home of Terri Clemens.

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