May, 2014

The May 2014 meeting of the Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association was held May 1 at the home of Jerica Etheridge. Ten neighbors were present. President Brad Williams brought the meeting to order at 7:10. The last few months’ minutes will be posted soon, so approval was tabled. Treasurer Mel Hunter reported that we have $4528.94 in our new bank account at Heartland Bank. The free gift for opening an account will be a prize at the chili cook-off in October. We have a new EIN number. The old one was causing problems with our account. Resuming sidewalk grants was discussed and it was decided that some research into the old program would be helpful to a re-start of the program.

The flea market will be June 7. Signs will go up soon, and people wanting to be included on the map should contact Terri Clemens at 828-8848 or $5 will be collected from each sale on sale morning when maps are passed out.

The upcoming Traveling Social Hour is being planned and will include Carlo and Emily, who are looking for a partner before setting a date.

The Chili Cook-off will be Oct. 12 at the Eaton’s yard or gallery.

The printed newsletter, one sheet, will be put together with a calendar and basics about the neighborhood and association. It will be delivered by block captains and volunteers.

Welcome packets need to be updated. Brochures are almost gone and need color. We could post one in the Marie Litta kiosk.

Pam Eaton recommended that we invite Vasudha Pinnamaraju, the County Regional Planning Commission representative, to a meeting. She heard her speak at Rotary and she has many ideas concerning downtown and nearby neighborhoods that we would be interested in. Tari Renner and Chris Koos are both working on improving downtown and historic neighborhoods. Maybe with Vasu we could help put together a discussion with other neighborhood groups. We also discussed ways to educate walkers about the history of the neighborhood with plaques in front of historic houses. There may be grants for small projects available.

The July meeting will be July 10 at 7 PM at Marie Litta Park. The date change is to avoid conflict with the 4th of July.


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