July, 2013

DGNA Meeting 7/11/13 at Marie Litta Park.

  • Minutes from the May DGNA meeting were approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance $3,397.06. Day in Historic Dimmitt’s Grove payments and receipts not yet settled, but expect profit of approximately $2,000. In process of completing the online banking requirements to go paperless.
  • Day in Historic Dimmitt’s Grove: The committee had a wrap-up meeting on Sunday to discuss the good/bad/changes for future events. We are starting an ongoing Day in Historic Dimmitt’s Grove committee to ease th ework involved with starting a new committee for each event. Anyone wishing to be on the committee can contact Jerica Etheridge.
  • Flea market: 10 sales on two separate days, due to the rain in the forecast. Because of the late cancellations/date changes, there were no maps this year.
  • Chili cookoff will take place on a Sunday in October. Although the time will be 4-7pm as usual, the date has yet to be determined. We will once again invite Founder’s Grove and Downtown residents to attend.

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