May, 2013

The May meeting was called to order by President Brad Williams at City Hall at 7pm on May 2. Ten neighbors were present.

The March minutes are missing. The secretary and vice president were not at the meeting. Approval of minutes was tabled. There was no treasurer’s report.

Carol Kashian reported that Day in Dimmitt’s Grove final planning meeting will be May 6 at Kashian’s house. Clayton St. will be blocked for the event June 28. Wesley Methodist will have lunch from 11-1 and Two Blokes and a Bus will be at Clay Dooley. A vintage bike ride will begin at Wesley Methodist. Mr. Lincoln will be in attendance and Old Men Boys will entertain. Cloggers and an opera singer will also provide entertainment. Volunteers are requested to notify Carol Kashian if they can help at house tours or ticket booth.

The flea market will be June 1. Email or 828-8848 to participate. The printed newsletter will be put off until fall, as all hands are busy with the Day in Dimmitt’s Grove preparations.

Lacey Fritsch of 503 E. Olive will be our new board member at large. We will discuss the summer social at the July meeting. Adopt-a-pot will be planted by May 28 by Jerica and Sarah and watered by Carol. We need a block captain for Block 13, McLean to Gridley, Taylor to Olive.

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