January, 2013

3/7/2013: Minutes from January Meeting

January’s meeting was held on 1-3-13 at 603 E Grove. Only 4 neighbors were in attendance.

Treasurer reported a balance of 2713.96.

Ken Kashian reported on Historic Day – We have some vendors and a Lincoln impersonator lined up. Letters have been sent out to others to get more vendors. Brad Williams will take care of the insurance for that day.

The Winter Traveling Social will take place on Saturday, Feb 23rd at 6 pm. We will have 3 houses. 407 S Evans will host appetizers, 601 E Jackson will host soup/main courses and 605 E Jackson will host desserts.

18 block sides were lit up with luminaries this year. Thanks to all who participated and to Melanie Hunter and Stephanie Davidson for hosting the luminary after party for volunteers. We hope to continue to have the luminary after party in the future.

Safety – Car stolen on 500 block of grove.

Reminder that the city requires all sidewalks to be shoveled by 9 am the day following the snow.

Next meeting will be Thursday, March 7th at 603 E Grove.

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