11/29/2012: Luminaries

It’s that time of year when there’s a chill in the air and darkness settles on our neighborhood earlier and earlier. We are looking for volunteers to help us light up Dimmitt’s Grove with luminaries on Saturday, December 15th from 5 to 9 pm. Volunteers will be asked to set out and light the luminaries by 5 pm on Saturday and to pick them back up the following day.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact me and let me know on what blocks you are willing to set out luminaries. For those of you new to this, by “block” we mean one side of a 1-block length of a specific street. For instance, I live at 407 S. Evans so I may volunteer to set out luminaries for the “400 Block of Evans, west side of the street”, that would be considered one block. In the past many people have been willing to do both sides of their block and we’ve been fortunate enough to have a few willing to handle 4 or more block sides. The number of “block sides” you volunteer to do is completely up to you and we are grateful for any time you are willing to devote to this.

Please let me know no later than Friday, December 7th to give me time to purchase materials and put together a packet of supplies for each volunteer. Pick-up information for the supply packets will be sent to volunteers as the date approaches. My contact information is or 830-2873. Thank you in advance for volunteering a small amount of your time to help light up our beautiful neighborhood.


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