July, 2012

7/5/2012: DGNA Meeting Minutes – July

The Dimmitts Grove Neighborhood Association met on July 5 at the library. Minutes were approved. There was no Treasurer’s report.

Guest Marie Streenz of Midwest Fiber talked to us about recycling and explained the new 96 gallon bins that will be provided by the city to families who recycle in late September. If you don’t currently recycle, but would like to, contact the city.

Some tips about recycling: Don’t put plastic bags, saran wrap or plastic film in with recyclables. Take them to the grocery store. Don’t take the caps off bottles; machines will sort out the two different plastics. Smashed bottles get into the paper and contaminate it. To recycle shredded paper, put it in a clear plastic bag and tie the top. Be careful not to recycle hypodermic needles. Styrofoam is not recyclable here. To recycle little bits of aluminum foil, make a ball as big as a tennis ball, otherwise they get into the paper. Put little bits inside a big piece of foil.

The summer traveling social hour will be July 21, beginning at 6pm at 707 E. Grove for appetizers, then at 510 E. Grove for desserts. Please bring a dish to share to one of the two houses.

The bake sale will be July 28 at the Farmer’s Market. Bakers and workers and buyers are needed. Please let Terri know at 828-8848 or oldstuff33@hotmail.com if you can help.

The chili cook-off will be hosted by the Eatons on Oct. 14 at their home. Downtown residents and Founders Grove will be invited.

The next meeting will be held at Marie Litta Park on Sept. 6 at 7pm.


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