May, 2012

5/3/2012: DGNA Meeting Minutes – May

The May 3 meeting of the Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association met at 606 E. Grove. Eleven neighbors were in attendance. Minutes were approved. There was no treasurer’s report. Guest Michael Brown of Ecology Action talked to us about the center’s drive to raise awareness of the need for hazardous waste disposal. The state has cut money to fund this, and the Ecology Action Center is engaged in raising money for an event to help us all get our hazardous waste out of our houses.

Neighbors talked about drug problems. We were reminded that is we see anything suspicious, we are to take down a description and call the police. Neighbors help the police build their cases. If it seems like nothing is happening, just keep calling. The police are aware and must be very sure before they can act, but need input from concerned neighbors.

The Flea Market will be June 2, and the Bake sale will be July 28 at Farmer’s Market. Please mark your calendars to bake or work at the booth, or at least to come and buy. A summer traveling social hour is being planned. If you can be a host, please let Jerica know. (

The next meeting will be July 5 at Marie Litta Park at 7 PM.

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