May, 2011

6/10/11: May DGNA Meeting Minutes

The May meeting of Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association was called to order at Jerica Etheridge’s house at 7 PM on May 5 by President Brad Williams. Minutes were approved. There was no treasurer’s report.

At this point, only 3 people have signed up for the flea market, coming June 4. The Chili Cook-off will again be hosted by Pam and Herb Eaton at 510 E. Taylor on Oct. 2. The Bake Sale will be at the Farmer’s Market on July 2. If you need to drop off things the day before, contact Terri Clemens at 828-8848

We hope to print a newsletter this summer to provide a calendar to those who don’t have email. Jerica will send an email asking for newsletter articles.

Jerica will host a traveling social hour in July. She will ask a friend to provide the second spot. A date is coming.

We discussed putting signs in yards for a self-guided walking tour, using the posts from the Museum of History that were used for the Pillsbury signs. Each house would have its own history, provided by the owners or a committee, along with photos or whatever, printed and then laminated to hang outside for a limited time. Then, an invitation to the community would bring people to tour the neighborhood. We could combine this with a Day in Dimmitt’s Grove, or it could be a stand alone project.

No burglaries were reported. A drug bust at 604 E. Grove took place in April, witnessed by many neighbors.

The next meeting will be at Marie Litta Park on July 7 at 7 PM.


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